Re-centre at Waratah opening July 2021

Southern Sydney private mental health services

Re-centre is a premium private mental health service in Southern Sydney that provides proven pathways to healthier minds in the heart of Hurstville at Waratah Private Hospital.

The private mental health service delivers assessment and treatment of mental health experiences. Through the use of innovative tools and a range of therapies, our team deliver compassionate and expert interventions across mental health hospital stays and day programs.

Depending on your unique needs, Re-centre offers our community two people-focused mental health hospital solutions; overnight accommodation and a dedicated day facility that runs a number of day programs aimed at supporting mind health without the need to stay overnight.

Expert psychiatric and psychological care and multidisciplinary services, one-on-one therapy and group courses are delivered by our expert team.

Our specialties

  • Addictive behavioural and substance disorders
  • Eating disorders
  • Adult ADHD Medication stabilisation and review
  • Anxiety and panic disorders
  • Neurostimulation with rTMS and ECT
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Older persons
  • Borderline personality disorder
  • Phobias
  • Depression and mood disorders
  • Post traumatic stress disorder

Mental health hospital overnight accommodation

Our 31-bed mental health accommodation on Level 5 is a supportive and welcoming environment, more aligned with hotel-style accommodation over a hospital ward. Flooded with natural light, it is a purpose-built and beautiful environment, designed to help you thrive during your stay with us.

Mental health day programs

Our dedicated day facility on Level 2 is a purpose-built space delivering half and full day programs. Programs are facilitated by clinical psychologists and typically run from six to twelve weeks. Based on best practice and proven techniques, programs are outcome focused and support you with the mind health tools you need.

Psychiatric and psychological care delivered by an expert team

Our expert team is passionate about empowering people experiencing emotional concerns and persisting mental experiences. Re-centre brings together leading health professionals in the disciplines of psychiatric and psychological care, occupational therapy, dietetics, exercise physiology and mental health nurses.

Internationally renowned experts in mind health supervise and direct your care, with extensive experience in facilitating clinical psychiatric and psychological care across mental health experiences. These professionals include the following:

  • Professor Phillipa Hay is a Consultant Psychiatrist with a special interest in mental health and wellbeing, and lifestyle medicine alongside her particular expertise in eating and weight disorders. Internationally renowned for her research here, Professor Hay is currently focused on randomised controlled trials of interventions for anorexia nervosa and other eating disorders.
  • Dr Namrata Shetty has extensive experience in general adult psychiatry, with a keen interest in psychopharmacology and psychiatric issues seen in the elderly including neurocognitive disorders. Her expertise is in the area of anxiety disorders, depression, personality disorders, psychosis, and behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD).
  • Dr Yu-Tang Shen is a psychiatrist with an interest in cognitive disorders, psychological therapy and general psychiatry. His experience in various modalities includes psychodynamic therapy, eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing, interpersonal psychotherapy, and dialectical behaviour therapy.
  • Mevlyn Deo is Re-centre’s Mental Health Nurse Unit Manager with over 13 years of experience working within the Sydney South West Area Health Service. She plays a vital role in delivering the mental health service to our community.

What does this mean for you?

  • The latest in proven techniques and psychotherapies
  • Overnight mental health hospital accommodation or day programs centred around you
  • Support from a comprehensive team
  • Mind health tools to take into everyday life
  • Access to group and one-on-one sessions
  • Access to greater hospital facilities where necessary such as hydrotherapy, gymnasium and dietetics

Your referral to Re-centre

You may be referred to Re-centre by your GP, therapist or psychiatrist. For self-referral, call 1800 RECENTRE (1800 732 368). Once a referral has been received, you will be triaged by a mental health nurse. From here, we walk you through the next steps of admission.

Re-centre & your private health fund

Re-centre has contract agreements in place with the majority of Australian health funds, however, not all funds cover the same components of your stay. Please contact your health fund to understand any out-of-pocket expenses that may apply on admission to the private mental health service.

The Australian Government mandates that people with limited cover for mental health treatment can upgrade their hospital cover to access higher benefits without serving a waiting period.

Current Programs

Course Programs are currently in development and are scheduled to begin late July. For information in the interim, please fill out the form below.

For more information

Would you like more information around our comprehensive mental health hospital support? You can fill in your details below, and we will email you relevant brochures and course information.

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  • Personal information provided will never be disclosed, sold or otherwise transferred to any third parties without your explicit instructions or consent.

For more information and to discuss your admission to Waratah Private’s mental health service, please fill out the form above or contact our Mental Health Intake Coordinator on 1800 RECENTRE (1800 732 368).

Please note: Re-centre does not provide crisis or emergency care.