Cancer Rehab Program – Thrive

Waratah Private is now accepting patients into our pilot rehabilitation program, Thrive. This exciting new evidence-based program is run alongside our partners, GenesisCare, and is flexible to meet the individual needs of our patients. Patients are eligible for this reconditioning program if they have a physical or functional decline as a result of their cancer or following cancer treatment. 

Their increased fatigue, decreased mobility and endurance, the need for constant rests or breaks, or patients requiring the use of a walking aid are some of the challenges the program addresses. The specialised half-day rehabilitation program includes two hours of land-based therapy, utilising Occupational Therapy and Dietetics alongside extensive Exercise Physiology and Physiotherapy with access to social work, rehabilitation and a physician.

We will communicate with the patient’s GP and oncologist from referral to discharge to ensure continuity of care.

If you have any questions regarding the Thrive program please contact Adam Annous at Waratah Rehabilitation Centre, call 9598 0691 or email adam.