Our Partners

Our hospital brings together leading medical practitioners across all major surgical, medical and rehabilitative services to offer world-class patient care, second to none in Australia.

Some of our partners include:

Genesis Cancer Care Hurstville

Genesis CancerCare is the largest provider of radiotherapy in Australia and the UK. Each year the group performs around 350,000 treatments across its global network. Medical oncology services are currently offered at Hurstville (Sydney).

Genesis CancerCare treats all patients referred to its service irrespective of their financial situation. Across our centres, flexible fee arrangements are provided on an individual patient basis to allow everyone rapid access to high quality care. www.cancer.com.au

Alfred Radiology and Alfred Advanced Sports Imaging Centre

We strive to deliver a service that far exceeds what you would expect from any other radiology service provider. We strive to deliver a service that far exceeds what you would expect from any other radiology service provider. Alfred Imaging believes that patient-focused service development and the nurturing of collaborative relationships with our referrers lie at the cornerstone of service efficiency, effectiveness, and success. All of our specialists have met the rigorous standards of medical training programs and are all Fellowship trained and highly respected within their subspecialty fields. Alfred Imaging is committed to delivering a consistently high-quality service to both referrers and patients. Our imaging specialists, with a wealth of experience across a range of imaging modalities and subspecialties, have access to state- of-the-art technology and equipment. This allows us to deliver a service that maximises patient and referrer confidence through the application of a subspecialty reporting model, leading to timely diagnosis and optimal patient management. The unique depth of subspecialty expertise within Alfred Imaging allows for valuable second opinions and expert consultation across our group. The Alfred Imaging doctor who reports your patient’s images on the day of examination has direct and immediate access to a wealth of subspecialty knowledge. We only invite Imaging Specialists with impeccable skills, experience, training and a passion for continuous learning to join our team in delivering imaging excellence. Alfred Advanced Sports Imaging Centre (AASIC) offers Sydney’s most comprehensive sports medical imaging and intervention service. Our team of musculoskeletal radiologists has expertise in managing the rehabilitation of high-level athletes and professional sports teams, here and overseas.

If you are looking for a safe and effective means of enhancing your recovery, ask what Alfred Advanced Sports Imaging Centre could do for you. www.alfredimaging.com.au

Douglass Hanly Moir

Douglass Hanly Moir (DHM) Pathology is the largest member of the Sonic Healthcare Group. Sonic Healthcare is an Australian owned, publicly listed company, operating solely in the specialties of pathology and radiology. All Sonic practices are medically managed and are thus well placed to appreciate the special needs of doctors and their patients.

DHM is a well-respected, established pathology practice, offering comprehensive, high-quality pathology services for doctors, private hospitals and nursing homes in New South Wales and North West Victoria. We are medically managed by pathologists and a select and highly qualified team of scientific staff and senior management.

DHM was formed in 1996 from the amalgamation of two like-minded pathology practices, Douglass Laboratories and Hanly Moir Pathology. Other practices, well known in the medical community for dedication to quality medical practice, scientific excellence and service to referring doctors, have joined us over the years to form the present Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology. www.dhm.com.au

Dr David Power

Power Dental www.powerdentalpractice.com.au

 Dr Suzanna Luo and Dr Chun Yen Huang

Medical Aesthetics  www.ma360.com.au



Sydney Spine and Pain


The Urology Practice


 Safe Surgery


Metabolic/Bariatric Clinic

Breast Clinic

Sports Ortho Clinic