Inpatient Rehabilitation

Waratah Rehabilitation Centre is the premier rehabilitation provider in Southern Sydney. We believe rehabilitation isn’t a one size fits all solution. Our programs are guided by both individual needs and research-based evidence. Your care is coordinated between clinicians, so all patients receive a program that is designed to optimise recovery throughout the different stages of rehabilitation. Your treatment is delivered by a comprehensive team of multidisciplinary health professionals with each discipline supported by professional leaders.

Inpatient rehabilitation is suitable for people who need the support of allied health specialists, medical and nursing care whilst staying in hospital. Many of our patients transfer from acute care after surgery, accident and/or illness to commence their rehabilitation.

The Rehabilitation Unit has inpatient beds in comfortable modern facilities with easy access to both car parking and public transport in the heart of Southern Sydney.

Our Inpatient Facilities

Rehabilitation Centre

  • Modern Gymnasium
  • Hydrotherapy Pool
  • Functional rehabilitation kitchen

Rehabilitation Team

  • Rehabilitation specialist
  • Nursing Staff
  • Physiotherapists
  • Exercise Physiologists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Dietitians
  • Speech Pathologists

The length of stay at the hospital is dependent upon achieving your inpatient rehabilitation goals. Your multidisciplinary team will meet weekly at a case conference to discuss your overall health, rehabilitation progress and achievement of goals, discharge planning, and any future referrals that may be required for the day rehabilitation program.

Through goal-directed activities, our program engages you to improve your current physical, cognitive, social and emotional wellbeing. The one-on-one individual therapies, education, exercises and hydrotherapy are all tailored to maximise physical ability and functional independence to:

  • improve your strength, endurance and balance
  • improve your mobility
  • improve your everyday activities
  • work towards returning to your previous lifestyle

Orthopaedic & Musculoskeletal Program

Our orthopaedic program is tailored towards patients who have had joint replacements or fractures. The program is aimed at restoring your function by strengthening the muscles around the affected area via land-based exercises as well as hydrotherapy.

This program is also suitable for patients who have had spinal surgery or who have lower back pain. You may wish to discuss your rehabilitation options with your surgeon or GP prior to having surgery.


Our reconditioning program targets patients who are deconditioned following surgery or medical illness. The focus is on regaining function through a combination of education and exercise.

For more on our exceptional programs and rehabilitation capacities, please contact our Rehabilitation Liaison Officer on 0478 398 106 or (02) 9598 0000.

Additional Information

Your rehabilitation specialist along with the rehabilitation team will determine the structure of your individual program. A discharge summary including any follow up recommendation will be sent to your GP and/or primary carer on the completion of the program.

Accessing rehabilitation services

To attend Waratah Private Rehabilitation as an inpatient, patients require a referral from a GP or specialist to one of Waratah Private Hospital’s rehabilitation specialists. If you are currently at another hospital, please ask your treating team to arrange a referral for rehabilitation to be faxed to (02) 9598 0003. Patients who are not privately insured may discuss hospital fees with our Rehabilitation Liaison Officer who can be contacted on 0478 398 106 or (02) 9598 0000.